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MiniCo Self-Storage
  • Affordable, secure, clean storage solutions
  • Pickup, delivery and packing available
  • Heavy duty shelving available
  • Many unit sizes available
  • Month-to-month rent, no contract required
  • Multi-month and pre-payment discounts
  • Boxes and packing supplies sold on-site
  • Pro rated daily rate after first month
Personal Solution

Business Solution
Personal Solution Packing Supplies
While still a relatively new concept in Hong Kong, self storage is the storage solution of choice for millions of people in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world who need extra space to store documents, equipment and supplies, household appliances, clothing, seasonal items and other goods. In 2001, MiniCo, Inc. identified Hong Kong as a market in need of affordable, secure, private storage solutions for homeowners and business people.
With its extensive industry expertise and a firm belief that self storage is a truly global concept, MiniCo, Inc. opened the first American-style self storage facility in Hong Kong in June 2002 featuring dehumidified self storage units that provided affordable residential and commercial storage options. MiniCo Self Storage has since expanded to additional locations in Chai Wan and Kwai Fong. Amenities and features in all MiniCo Self Storage locations represent MiniCo’s commitment to providing the finest self storage product available in Hong Kong.
With its high-tech, state-of-the-art Hong Kong self storage facilities and world-class amenities and customer service, MiniCo Self Storage offers the most professional package of features and benefits to meet customers’ household and commercial storage needs. Some businesses offer a few of the features MiniCo supplies, but only MiniCo Self Storage offers a complete, up-to-date self storage solution including on-site sales of boxes and packing supplies, and assistance in arranging removal logistics and transportation for our customers. Our affordable, dehumidified self storage facilities offer units of many sizes suitable for storing boxes of documents, memorabilia, antiques, furniture, tools, sports equipment, seasonal clothing, and almost anything that a homeowner or business professional might need extra space to store. Air conditioned units are available at each of our Hong Kong self storage facility locations.